PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistTang Interior Design Company, Chen-Chuan Tang

By definitions, the space sustains individuals, and the design brings together individuals by invigorating the spaces with humanity. To present gentle characteristics, the designer puts into use the wooden materials with soothing qualities and with elegant shapes. Named “Affinity”, the office represents the brand of complete business in TV, records, concerts, agents, etc. The client wants to display pleasant atmosphere and solid teamwork, which have become the principle for the design plan. Given the encircled indoor space, the design plan effectively illustrates the meeting rooms, executive and staff offices, reception area, make-up rooms, dressing rooms, live-show rooms, etc. Accessible for diverse working functionalities, the genuine tables and chairs remain intact the smooth working area. With circular layouts, the metal installation art brings lives to the compartments, and ingenuously collects the modern-art publishing. In the design plan, the designer ingenuously demonstrates the design skills that advocate intimate and professional atmosphere.