The Base of Visual Capture

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistModern Elegant House & CO., Szu-Wen Wang / Chung-Ting Wang

The new studio, redecorated from an open space, is built into a working space consisting of reception area, film studio, and bar, the design style integrating the urban and countryside factors, displaying ingenious design ideas, and functioning for private space as well. At the porch, the storage partition divides indoor space into different areas. Meanwhile, the collage and digital tiles paved on the walls attract people’s attention. The TV wall, at the reception area, is made of by wooden veneers and tiles that fill the space with characteristic of humanity. The wonderful combination of both rural and urban elements is created by means of culture stone walls, wooden blinds, Loft ceilings, cement finish floors, etc. In the office, the bright grabber paint shows invigorating atmosphere and personal preferences. The kitchen bar, redecorated from the pantry room, is the private space for only close visitors as well.