New OLIVO restaurant - London

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
CompanyPierluigi Piu - Architetto
ArtistPierluigi PIU

In this new restaurant the architect continues telling customers about Sardinia (a narration of the proprietor’s home island he previously began in other venues of the same company), here evoked through wide natural stone bas-reliefs referring to the unmistakable ancient weaving technique named a pibiònes (grained texture), peculiar to that island. The primary feature of this interior are some wide wall “tapestries” made out of finely chiselled natural stone tiles, inspired by typical Sardinian thick fabrics (carpets, blankets, table clothes) where decorative patterns (among which the lapwing bird, here reproduced - since ages seen in the island as a symbol of fertility and prosperity - is one of the most recurring ones) are enhanced by a sort of grain in relief (pibiònes) generated by sequences of small loops executed with the weft thread.

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