The Scenery in the Frame

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistDE-INTERIOR DESIGN Co. Ltd, Chung-Yang Wang

From the perspective of design styles, the designer, in this project, has been trying to create a residence full of oriental humanity atmosphere, in which the simple and elegant construction materials could bring out the a large number of traditional Chinese-style furniture and art works that implicitly give rise to the composed and clean atmosphere. At the entranceway, an area with stone floor and grey walls, the traditional Chinese-style wall cabinet, the elegant orchid, and the exquisite and elegant colors have been the best opening for the residential space. In the living room, a public area which is composed of black, white and grey, the plain wall without painting, the graceful long narrow table, the oriental-style sculpture, the elegant flowers, the photos printed by the black and white panchromatic rolls, the neat contemporary-style couch chairs, and the delicate collections of Chinese accessories bring out the amusing and interesting space atmosphere.