Suhe Creek Shanghai Residence Model room

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistNIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD Kenji YONEZAWA, Chief director / Liting KAO, Designer
Design TeamPhotography : OCT SUHE CREEK | Nacása & Partners
ClientShenzhen Great Wall Decoration Engineering Co.,ltd/ Shanghai office

This is an interior design of a 600 square metre luxury residence located on the top floor of a high-rise in Suzhou Bay, Shanghai. The design is based on the concept of “floating.” Situated in a location overlooking the streets of Shanghai’s Pudong, the residence appears to be floating in midair, as if the principles of gravity do not apply to it either physically or spiritually. All the floors and ceilings are lit by indirect lighting for a design that makes them appear to have no connection to structures such as beams and pillars, Mirrors are also used on the ceiling on the window side to reflect and double the enjoyment of the stunning view of Shanghai. The “perfect circle” motif appears frequently to express the “infinite and ultimate” spirituality of Japanese Zen.

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