PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistKen KATAYAMA, Chief director / Shinya SUZUKI, Senior Designer / Masaki NAKAI, Designer ( NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD ) Yusun KO, PM ( NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD )
Design TeamPhotography : Kenji Masunaga
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This 55-m high tower features seven observation floors, including the highest 123rd floor, and two lower floors that function as entrances. In a space that incorporates the idea of yin and yang, which has roots in Korea, the lower floors portray two world views in strong black and white contrast. Guests enter through a white futuristic entrance and move through the EV from a dark waiting space where fluid light flows. The site is structured to raise expectations as visitors move up to the observation platform on the 117th floor and then to the top floor. The facility has been designed with different themes on each floor by making use of the views, including a floor where visitors can enjoy the scenery without lighting and with the interior reflected on the glass, and a floor where visitors can relax with a drink at counters located at the windows.

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