The LOFT Style Sweet Home

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
CompanyYu Chu Interior Design
Artistyu chu interior design, Chih-Chieh Tien

The LOFT design style, presenting the client’s preferences and life style, makes the kitchen and dining room visually wide-open. Therefore, the combination of spacious public area, ironworks and furniture has made spirits of LOFT into status of perfection. The red brick walls, furnished in the living and dining room, create intensive visual effects. In the meantime, the rough quality of LOFT style which is present by specific green walls, and the retro-designed furniture which is present by woods are brining into existence the harmonious balance between uniqueness and comfort. The act of demolishing needless walls fills the indoor space with daylight. The open kitchen space makes cooking an easier task. In the kitchen, the luminous ceiling alleviates the visual sense of heaviness while grey-glass sliding door secures the privacy in the meantime. The distinct illuminations, in different areas, have well integrated both modern and classical design styles as well.