PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistKris Lin Jiayu Yang
ClientKLID International Architectural Firm

The design is inspired by the winding and intertwining concept. All the inspirations emerge in the moment and twist together to form a new design idea. Therefore, it is named “twisting”. The space is formed by twisting structures, making the overall styling become very artistic, blending and independent. Through twisting design, we can define the main entrance. Even though some backcourt passageways and windows have no clear signs or concrete wall around, the twisting design surrounding the structure can clarify its entrances and exits without blocking the sight. The work itself is like an installation art. It can be placed in different places of a hotel. In the design, we try to break the traditional concept of six walls, but we also have to maintain its enclosed space and permeability. Besides, we also have to take into account the visual openness and ventilation of the space.