Essential Sculpture

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistChih Chung Shen
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This case is located in Taichung, and the owners are fond of appreciating the most original texture of materials. The designing core of this case is to transform the owners’ past living experience and aesthetic taste into the design, and interpret art with the purest simple aesthetics. A long corridor was extended from the entry to reduce redundant segmentation. By installing semi-sheltering suspension mass, it distinguishes the private and public areas. The gray-tone was used to create the outline of the space. Also, mottled and rusty rebar, slightly rugged primitive plate mold cement wall, and recycled material were reused to present its natural aesthetics. Seemingly ordinary abandoned steels were transformed into sculpture-like standing bookshelf, while old firefighting pipes on the ceiling were also revived into art works to enhance its visual depth. By returning to the basic features of the materials, the designer illustrated the essential aesthetic of the design.