The Meaningful and Long-lasting Space

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
CompanyWyson Int'l Architecture Interior Design
ArtistWyson Int'l Architecture Interior Design, Chia-Hung Weng

The Impression of the stereotype that the residency of elegancy is popular far beyond the classical Europe. Not only is the simplicity taking of all objects in space, but also the new-style expression. With the white chain link sliding door, the skill of design processing the main wall behind the couch in this project, is applying the a bit rough exposed concreted, which is remodeled based on the design of lattice grilles used in classical boards and facades, that makes the living room partially public, the skill demonstrating the contradictions between strength and dexterity while presenting the industrial-style construction materials with characteristics of contemporary simplicity. The most impressing part of the space is generally present in the main space. In this project, the subsidiary space, however, is not relinquished and ultimately help accomplish the most complete space.