intermittent noises of the earth

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting

I developed the colour space-time and the “shape-soul” by reaching out to that emotional quantum alongside my life-experience: all that is the quantum painting. All of that means an analysis into a painting research so to write the classic rules out again into a new one up to the classic reading that will be taken it up into a new key of reading. The five colours become the synthesizing feelings called the quantum painting, with the painting and shutting in there of the energy, the only space given becomes rhythmed movement through a unique probability of space. The space-time code of reality is named a stratum of dimension, through colours of nature there is the formattedness. A probability of existence in an unique universe varies through the place and thoughts.

Bluenight is a poet, painter, traveller, and life lover. Publications include “the wrong road”, ”circus“, “her eyes”,“how to build a bridge”, more than 30 exhibitions of his artwork, including London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Rome. Studied and experienced (and lied) in Bologna (Academy), Dublin, Hungary, and hopes to carry on doing so.