Group Portraits

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistFrederic Aranda
ClientVogue, Vanity Fair, Harrods

I am a portrait photographer with a passion for Group Portraits. This selection highlights some of my group portraits taken over the last few years, including some published in 2017. They are a mix of published and personal commissions. Group portraits are a fascinating genre because they create dynamics which are impossible to find in Individual Portraits, highlighting our social nature as human beings. When composing an image, I take into account the different factors of hierarchy, gender, seniority, and diversity and play with such dynamics. Often, group portraits can bring certain issues to the light of day. For example, my portrait of Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman with her staff went viral when it highlighted what appeared to be a lack of diversity at Vogue under her editorship. These are golden opportunities for portraiture to serve a useful role in creating a platform for debate.