PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyStudio Arnhold
ArtistCaspar Arnhold

diːŋ.nɪ.taːte] latin, noun, ablative singular, feminine (carrier of) dignity; worth; self-respect; grace; position; authority; office; Model SARAH B. @EASTWESTMODELS, FRANKFURT wearing a dress by ZARA and hand-cuffs by PETIT BOUDOIR Photographer CASPAR ARNHOLD Art Director KATY FATHALI-NAGEL Stylist LOLA CRESS-ARNHOLD Make-Up THERESIA PISTEL Hair ANGELIKA EBELESEDER Shot at STUDIO AKIACKI, FRANKFURT

As an award-winning imagemaker Caspar continues to search for ways to explore the intimacy of natural minimalism in storytelling, beauty and fashion. His photographs and films are often mysterious, diverse & raw with an intriguing tension held in a delicate balance between fiction and reality. He is fascinated by the haunting sincerity of our ephemeral life, seeking otherworldly characters that seem to be stranded on earth for a moment to reveal what lies beneath the surface of appearance.