PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyLifekollektiv, SO_KE studio
ArtistAllan Dransfield
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Jumping project began in 2009 when I wondered to myself: 'These serious looking strangers I see everyday rushing down the street, how can I put a smile on their faces?' I proposed a simple question to my friend Alex: "Alex, if I ask that couple over there to jump, do you think they'll do it?" Well, to cut not such a long story shorter - Yes, they jumped! and so it began... We share so much in common here on earth, we are all beings living here together, scuttling around doing our thing as we float through space and time. Human life has evolved in many ways around our blue planet, a sea of cultural and geographical influences creating immense diversity. But the world is connected, and we are all connected, through the simple facts of life. Jumping project is a book about human expression, taking you on an positively elevated tour, through 40 of our nations.

Allan Dransfield (b.1981) is a British visual artist and photographer based in Lódz, Poland. He holds an Mdes from Coventry University in automotive design, a field in which he worked for more than a decade. In 2013 -15 he embarked on an overland world odyssey resulting in Lifekollektiv - a creative journal drifting between mediums as as it explores the colourful spectrum where social documentary meets the arts. In 2019 Allan began his role for Swiss brand FREITAG as their 'Executive Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness'.