Old Glory

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistJoseph Petini

New York City is thriving with diversity and the suburbs of Manhattan in particular are saturated with the photographic settings that I am interested in. Urban landscape and graffiti are more prominent to me because of their attachment to hip-hop and its origins to the city. So, photographing Brooklyn came naturally with the volume of culture, personality and atmosphere on every street corner. Before I explore the surroundings for the body of work I set out for, I initially already have the ideal concept in my mind. By documenting these subjects I aim to create a story and also reflect my personal interests, which are primarily the urban environment and the characters it inhabits. The people and places I came across whilst exploring Brooklyn worked in my benefit as every photograph was captured naturally, and the rawness of my surroundings gave my work the organic feel that I pursue.