Els Enfarinats

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistBorja Abargues
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December 28th is an important day for Ibi (Alicante, Spain). It's the day of the "Els Enfarinats" Festival. It’s a festival that divides the citizens into two groups: the first called Enfarinat (aspiring to power) and the other group is the opposition. In the square of Ibi, a fight between the 2 groups takes place. A fight of flour, eggs and smoke bombs between the two teams will decide the group that will command in the village and who will be the mayor. The festival has been celebrated for 200 years and as part of the celebrations of the Day of the Innocents.

He began his studies at the Blank Paper academy and Fine Arts University in Valencia and continued his training with some important photographers as Ricardo Cases, Gervasio Sánchez, and others. During his professional career he has collaborated in several media and during the last years Borja has been working for several NGO’s and national agencies and his shots have been published in magazines and papers.