PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistHuang Qingjun

The first time I rode a roller coaster was more than ten years ago in Hong Kong. The breathtaking feeling aroused my interest in exploring the human psychology of chasing excitement. As a result, I spent two years visiting a dozen amusement parks in China and Germany, attempting to analyze and study People’s desire to pursue thrills and even danger. Photography is an art of moment. These photos allow me to catch people's fundamental feelings in a fleeting moment in the playground. I adopted the multi-exposure technique to reveal people’s psychological change in a time span from moment to moment. The multiple exposures create a magical effect, as if folding the multidimensional universe into a two-dimensional world. However when adding the viewer’s sense of time, space, memories and feelings, the two-dimensional pictures are restored to a multi-dimensional experience that is richer than the original multidimensional world.

Huang Qingjun's representative work is Family Stuff from 2003 to present. Various international media, such as the New York Times, Bloomberg, and Wired, have also covered these works. BBC interviewed Huang and his works three times. His works have also appeared in magazines and albums such as Architecture Boston, Business Insider, GEO, Chinese National Geography, Discovery Cultural Geographic Monthly, Guardian Weekend, China Daily, Chinese Photography Magazine, Grazia France, Dutch Weekly Magazine, Vrij Nederland, Dutch Financial Daily, Family Photography etc.