PrizeHonorable Mention in Product Design
ArtistKris Lin Jiayu Yang
ClientKLID International Architectural Firm

Tangram is originated from the "YAN JI drawing" in the Song Dynasty. And the drawing is for modular furniture called AN (table for dining or desk for reading and writing) and JI (furniture for sitting)". Tangram consists of 5 different shapes (a total of 7 thin pieces). These pieces can be put together to form triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, and irregular polygon. The pieces are made of geometrical lines. Through an irregular way, users can put two or more pieces together to form different shapes. The shapes and structures can be combined according to specific needs.By breaking up into pieces, the tangeam allows different combination to be effectively used in a restricted space. For individual use, the tangram can be used as small tea table or stool. The wide variety of combination not only increases the practicality but also adds more convenience and interest to life.