Solar Activation of Footbridges for Beijing

PrizeShortlist in Architecture
CompanyProduct: AVANCIS GmbH / Architecture: Peter Kuczia (Germany)
ArtistDr. Peter Kuczia
Design TeamDesign modules: AVANCIS GmbH | Design architecture: Peter Kuczia
ClientAvancis GmbH
CreditA. Pluta

There are hundreds of footbridges in Beijing. Many of them are quite unattractive. Why not transform them into power generating urban facilities? The aesthetic AVANCIS photovoltaic modules are ideal material for cladding the existing structures and converting them into appealing city spots. The thin-film modules produce electricity even under the most unfavorable weather and site conditions. Every single footbridge get its own individual design, becoming a distinguishable reference point in the city. E-car charging stations under the footbridges directly utilize the generated solar energy.