A canopy for the Our Lady of Brazil Church

PrizeShortlist in Architecture
CompanySguizzardi Coelho Arquitetura
ArtistMarcio Novaes Coelho Jr
Design TeamSilvio Sguizzardi, Marcos Velletri, Arthur Silva, Gabriel Garcia
ClientOur Lady of Brazil Parish
CreditSguizzardi Coelho Arquitetura
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Built in the 1940s, listed as cultural heritage since 2016, the Our Lady of Brazil Church has become one of the most important and prominent catholic parishes in the city of São Paulo. Considering its intense flow of visitors and the tropical weather of its location, since many years a precarious canopy has been installed on its churchyard in order to shelter the public. Our proposal intends to replace this structure by creating an addition as a minimal intervention, a line floating in the air, clearly distinct, measuring 6x12 meters, offering a new generous and greener gathering free space.

We are a small Brazilian practice founded in 2009, in São Paulo, by two architects and university professors, working on a varied range of projects, in special, the preservation of cultural heritage. We believe in the collaborative work as a useful, efficient and creative tool and we understand the development of each project as a process of research and critical thinking. We aim to create beautiful, intriguing, provocative and functional spaces, which are, at the same time, socially, economically and environmentally responsible.