PrizeShortlist in Architecture
CompanyD.H.I.A International Design Co.,ltd
ArtistChing-Wen Huang
ClientPrivate Weige Kindergarten
CreditD.H.I.A international design CO.,Ltd

The white paint of the four-floor main building compliments other colors and patterns. The shapes and colors of each three-dimensional opening contribute to this contrast between stability and vividness. The thick window frames extend inside for embedded light fixtures and their coloring. The colors of the glass are carefully selected in response to the light conditions under different weathers. The water-proof treatment needs to be thorough to keep the water outside. The awnings recall the multi-dimensional color with its alternating traversal strip sequence.

Ching-Wen Huang Created D.H.I.A Internal Design Co., Ltd. from the interior design to the architecture, with diverse design thinking and professional ability to handle the project includes residential design, commercial space and education space, from the building's exterior, interior to the landscape can be completely handle, so that the overall design experience the same, give customers the most soul and temperature of the creative surprise.