Sexta-feira da semana passada

PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
CompanyArte & Letra
ArtistFrede Tizzot
ClientArte & Letra

This project brings together the text and the illustrations in a graphic project that gives life to the creations of a mind as inventive as this writer´s, who´s characteristic is to create images that play with the absurd and nonsense. Hence came the idea of materializing these images into illustrations and finding a format and for the book that expressed these characteristics. The entire book was RISO printed, giving a "grainy/reticulated" efect, the book was cut along with the cover, and the jacket is also a poster. The binding of the book is all manual and each copy is numbered.

I am one of the founders of Brazilian publishing house Arte & Letra, a national reference in literature and graphic/editorial design. Act as graphic designer, illustrator and art director in projects by Arte & Letra and other publishers and media outlets. I am also the creator of the Arte & Letra Graphic Laboratory, a printing and binding house that works with alternative forms of printing and book binding, such as RISO printing, block printing, serigraph printing and manual binding.