'Please Give Me More Time' Illustration Book

PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
CompanyOn Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd.
ArtistLeo P. H. Chan - Creative Director
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The book illustrated the life stories of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) child and his family, not only helped public to understand the practical problems faced by the family, but also to empathise with the Special Educational Needs children and their parents regarding their struggles by using die-cut masks to look through the inner world of the characters. It's expected that the public can have more understanding and acceptance, encouraged the SEN children to be self-assured in order to create a better society and communities with harmony.

On Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd. (OYM) was founded in London in 2004, is a Hong Kong-based award-winning creative laboratory providing brand consultation and design services across strategies, graphics, typography, photography, illustration, sonic art and advertising. Through experiments and testing in OYM, they try their best to find out new possibilities in design, had received more than 50 global and local design awards over different categories.