PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art
ArtistPatricia Henriquez
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We see but we do not look, we hear but we do not listen, we touch without feeling, we live without perceiving our world. We perceive reality in fast flows of information through the screen, and from the perception of the other. Contemporary life and social conventions have accustomed us to having the senses dazed or almost asleep. In other times sensory perception was of vital importance for the survival of animals and man. Through ephemeral drawing on walls, ceilings and floors that disrupt and invade the architectural space, an enveloping space is created with sound games that appeal to the

Patricia Henríquez visual multidisciplinary artist. Her experimental animated short films have been screened at festivals, museums and cultural institutions at America, Europe and Asia. She has exhibited individually in museums and cultural institutions in Mexico and cultural institutions in Spain, China and USA. She has participated in over 90 collective exhibitions and biennial in museums in Mexico, Dominican Republic and in cultural institutions in China, Germany, Spain, Italy,Slovakia, USA, Bolivia and Bulgaria and Puerto Rico.