Twelve-swing Donut

PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art
ArtistWyan Yeung Li-shung
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The Twelve-swing Donut highlights the relationship between human dynamics and light. Situated against the bustling backdrop of Hong Kong’s urban landscape, the circle of swings invites metropolitans and people from all walks of life to come, interact with the structure, and play. At night, LEDs illuminate the ground below the seats––changing colours depending on the position of its sway. The interactive device captures each rider’s motion, thereby inducing different beats and hues of light, reflecting the sentiments of each person through the rhythm of their body.

Firstly trained as an architect at the University of Hong Kong and secondly trained as an arts and cultural researcher at Central Saint Martins, Wyan Yeung Li-shung is a an architect, multi-disciplinary creator and design educator. His interest and background situate at the intersection of architectural, spatial, interior, furniture and product design. As a passionate creator striving for innovation and vision, he is leading the cross-disciplinary design group STUDIO MEHH which continuously enables him to push the boundaries.