City Rhythm

PrizeShortlist in Installation Art
ArtistSiyeon KIM
Design TeamARTLab
CreditCity Rhythm Matrix
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This abstract of a novel inspired us expand on idea of City rhythm. Rhythm, in city life, may be something a migraine, the trobbing and pulsating sensation that comes and goes repeatedly. We are timekeepers of each other. Based on the raw data, we visualized the flow of big data related to the population of Seoul city. you can feel with a mere glance, the weight of the movement. As you can see the visualization of matrix image provided. Lost (Short film) The image of city depicted as( made of, consisting of) a point cloud, rendered by scanning the city with a 3 d Scanner.

FORMATION · 12 finalists Post-diplome Ecole des beaux arts de Paris, France · école nationale supérieure de la photographie, Arles, France · Paris-Sorbonne University (also known as Paris IV), Philosophy, Paris, France · KAFA, Korean Academy of Film Arts Exhibitions 2019 Sxsw festival Seoul City Rhythm installation *jan 2019 No Boundary | Performance, National Gugak Center, Umyeon-dang dec 2018 No Boundary II [The INVISIBLE : Chromesthesia], (Media Art sound installation)