Live in a tray

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
ArtistYoshitaka Masuda

These are potted plant of spring vegetables. The figures are splendid. These vegetables exist only in the universe. I have respect and appreciation to these foods.

Born in Tokyo in 1947. Joined: A curated international photography exhibition at ph21 Gallery Budapest 2019-2017. Einstein Studio New Japan Photo 4 at IMA CONCEPT STORE, TOKYO, Oct. 2017. Einstein Studio New Japan Photo 2017-2016. JPCO member photo exhibition & Kyoto Photographie KG+ and TOKYO 2017-2014. SAMURAI FOTO exhibition Yokohama 2017-2016. Onaeba vol.18,16 Yokohama. Article: Book(e-book): SENTIMENTAL SHANGHAI/ Kindle Book, and others. Photobook; “The Atsuta Shrine” was selected to be shown at G Book Show in Brighton (One Eyed Jacks Gallery) England 5 - 15 June 2014.