Zero and One

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
University/SchoolAzad University of Tehran
ArtistKoroush Sarmadi
Creditwinston Churchill by Koroush Sarmadi

Portraits and figures without details and at the same time with construction. While I was painting, no details was in my mind. I saw myself in those paintings and felt I am depicting part of myself, an inner feeling that was just like anyone else. The darkness and brightness of colors was a reflection of a common emotional connection between me and humanity that any of us may feel it sometimes, even for rare few seconds in our life. These portraits are us. These portrait that are here because of color and space intertwine, are nobody, but look again, look close and you may find yourself.

Koroush Sarmadi Was born in 1993 in Tehran, Iran Art Category: Painting Artistic Career since 2017 Education Bachelor of Civil Engineering Exhibitions and Achievements 2017- Selected Artists for Sakoo Art School artist development course, Tehran, Iran 2018- Solo Painting Exhibition in Vista Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2018- Selected Artist with 2 artworks and Exhibition in Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery Group Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada