Still Life

PrizeShortlist in Photography
CompanyAnhui Yingjiagongjiu Co.Ltd
Artist宏川 张

This group of Still Life works is not only a seemingly inanimate object, on the contrary, they are the true portrayal of my inner feelings. In life, constantly emerging objects and memories, filled with my future and my dreams. In the image, I record the things that accompany me, filling the gap of time and the past. Creation content is from the most common objects, focusing on the performance of innovation. I use the most concise black background to convey a spirit, a state of mind, a state of detachment from things.

I am a photographer from Anhui, China. My name is Zhang Hongchuan. In 2011, I graduated from photography major of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, I have been engaged in media work related to photography. Love art, like to discover new perspectives and unique visual language.