War Stories I Never Heard

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CompanyTodd Bradley Photography
ArtistTodd Bradley
Credit©Todd Bradley 2019
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War Stories I Never Heard explores discovering a loved one’s World War 2 military stories after their death; and the longing for deeper personal connection with them after they have gone.

Todd Bradley (1970, Detroit, USA) has lived in San Diego for over 30 years; 20 of those with Walter, Todd’s husband, and their 2 Rat Terriers; Gus and Hank. Self-taught with occasional classes and workshops; he draws inspiration from photographers Lori Nix and David Levinthal. As an artist, Todd uses different mediums and styles to express his views. Todd’s work focuses on decay, whether it is organic, structures, or our society. Todd believes the current state of photography is mirroring the early 1900’s when Kodak introduced the Brownie camera to the masses. Today, we have the cell phone.