Is this a Fish

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CompanyArian De Vos
ArtistArian De Vos
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Is This A Fish? is a platform designed as a bridge between brands and consumers, that aims to investigate ad effectiveness and give consumers the chance to find out more about how their visual perception works while giving brands valuable data on their preferences in visual advertising. By turning all kinds of webcams incorporated in our devices into eye tracking devices the project section is an attempt to democratize ad effectiveness testing and the technology behind that. Link to be opened with Google Chrome.

My name is Arian De Vos. I am a MA Fashion Media Production graduating student at London College of Fashion. After a brief experience at Vogue International, I am currently interning for Management+Artists and making all efforts to enter the fashion industry. A deep interest in modern art and realistic photography joined with a peculiar obsession for anatomy and the crudeness of every day life is what characterize my work the most.