Clearly Not Clearly

PrizeShortlist in Photography
CompanySixCC Images
ArtistAndrew Crawford
Clientpersonal project
CreditAndrew P Crawford

I am fascinated by our visual perception. How our minds process only some of the data from our eyes, stabilize it and then fill out our internal image from memory, experience and expectation. With eyes dilated from a hospital retina check, my vision became almost swamped by light, distorted and blurred. Yet, as I walked home, I could still interpret what was occurring around me. I wondered just how much information we need from our eyes in order to see with our brains.

Fascinated with ideas of perspective and relative perception, among Andrew's still unanswered childhood questions is whether we can ever know if we all "see" the same way. He aims for clarity in conveying his perceptions using reduced or eliminated context, clutter and detail; through minimalism, abstraction and simplification. Andrew uses both film and digital cameras. He regards image editing as an intrinsic part of the creative process.