PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
Companyjereen susan john renjen
Artistjereen susan john renjen
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Lineism-experimental contemporary art to make a statement parallel to life itself with the complex structure created with simple lines. For current project "Lineism-Appacha" is a portrait of artist's late uncle using oil paint on canvas with shades of white inspired by the Artist Kazimir Malevich as well as breaking the rules of Russian Suprematism movement adding on sense of depth,volume, maintaining the simple monochrome feel and capturing the essence of artist pain and sense of emptiness.canvas frm far view- empty, step closer image starts to take shape.closest view busy strokes of lines

Jereen Susan John Renjen a born dyslexic and self taught artist from India with a M.A Fine Arts degree currently working on experimental art called Lineism- art with lines. She is also working as a vocational instructor for Special Children for the past year +. She has done many exhibitions in India exploring different styles and media. She also take custom made order related to fine arts paintings. Currently temporary settled in Saudi Arabia