Keisuke Takeda




Interview with Keisuke Takeda, LICC Winner in CREATE (Art) in the Non-Professional category, in which he tells about how he didn’t realize his hands belonged to a “great painter.”




Why did you choose to pursue a career as a painter? 

My inspiration always comes as a vision to my mind that is not smell and sounds. I am evoked to draw conceivable senses, then. I have been exploring why my inspirational senses are crystalized as vision with my painting.  

When did you realize you wanted to pursue this as a career?

My hands are clumsy. I thought my hands were not genius of a great painter when I was around 20 years old. However, my instinct still desired to draw painting work. This realization spoke to me that my desire never accepts the cessation of my drawing painting. 

How does it make you feel to win this award?

I have lost lots but this one. Someone could positively agree with my aesthetics. That is the pleasantest fact for me.

What do you feel makes your work stand out, that drew the judges’ attention to it? 

My recent work is inspired by a legendary sculptor (also painter) Giacometti. He had represented the core (psyche, spirit also aura) of mortal existence with sculptures and painting works. My painting also pursues the representation of the core as well as Giacometti. On the way, contents of my work should be peeled off decollation, skin and body that was barer than naked. It is unfashionable, out of trend, unsociological that could never be propaganda. The judges must be fond of crude flowers.  

How did the idea behind your winning project come about?

Best in CREATE (Non-Professional): "KOMOREBI Dance" by Keisuke Takeda

Best in CREATE (Non-Professional): “KOMOREBI Dance” by Keisuke Takeda

The work of KOMOREBI Dance was inspired by a dancer Megan Castro. Her dance has been doing resonance of nature and her body that show what is a life (breathing and sensing). I tried to capture the origin of the human psyche on her dance movements with my painting.    

What do you see as the most significant difficulties and opportunities in your current job/industry?

Immigration to United Kingdom that is the most important for me as an artist that is not easy.

Tell us a bit about your creative process. Where do you find your inspiration?

Poetry is my inspiration. Poetry is the representation for unknown senses and abstract existences. We can find it in our ordinary moments of life.   

What impact does your background have on your work? 

I have strong curiosity of human minds. Differences for sense of values from you and I that distance is instinctively excited for me. I would step forward to your world.

Who or what are your biggest artistic influences? 

A poet of Arthur Rimbaud, a singer of Bob Dylan, Artists of Rodin, Giacometti and Yoshitomo Nara, A dancer of Megan Castro, they have been pursuing what and where is a core of the human psyche with their work. My painting would be as well as them.

How has your own style evolved over time?

Promenade is significant for me. The moment correctly teaches me how to breathe life.

What are your long-term professional objectives?

Carry on painting work.

What significance does your art represent for you personally, and for your audience? 

My work would touch with your inner abyssal garden. I believe aesthetics must have the possibilities.

How do you envision the future of your industry? 

I would like to be a professional painter.

What do you see as the most significant difficulties and opportunities?

Everything is not easy. To be a decent adult that is especially difficult for me. Above all else, I would like to do my solo exhibition in London (but first step is really difficult).  

View the winning project of Keisuke Takeda here.