Ping Wang




Interview with Ping Wang, who is a highly educated architect, Member of the American Institute of Architects, Lead architect at GWP Architects, Certified Expert of SAFEA and Harvard Master of Architecture. 




What do you feel makes your work stand out, that drew the judges’ attention to it?

There might be different opinions of how to evaluate it, I think to me there are three aspects that need to point out, the first one is the balance between the artwork and functional architecture, the second one is the challenge of creating an architecture structure on a 20 degree slope mountain with spatial quality and form elegance, and the third is about inspiration when people imaging living in the house.

What significance does your art represent for you personally, and for your audience?

It is about the relationship between freedom and creativity. Although the question of limitation and boundary are always key elements when designing an architecture, it is important for architecture to transcend time. For that aspect, we, as an architect need to think outside the box and always have insight into the future and lead the times.

View the winning project of Ping Wang here.