Christina Chen-Chiao Kuo

Kuuo Living Limited / Creative Director & Founder

Christina, who specializes in creating exceptional spaces. She has worked within the hospitality, commercial and residential design industry in the past few years. Her varied experience and international exposure lends an unique perspective to her work. She is involved in all facets of hospitality projects from conceptual design through design implementation. Her multi-language skills and extensive background in all design areas makes her a diverse and experienced talent from luxury hotels, resorts, spas, retail, restaurants to high-end residential. Christina is well versed in different design styles and is able to adapt to the requirements befitting each particular project. Her creativity has afforded her the opportunity to work on a wide variety of exciting projects. She delivers a design strategy tailored to the unique demands and challenges of every project and suited to the clients needs, schedule parameters and requirements. When she was in design school, she had the privilege to be on juries and really understand the aspirations of young creative minds. By evaluating approximately a hundred creative finalists in the area of architecture and interior, she understands the importance of listening, understanding, being patient., having a mentor role and conferring an award or judging the merits of a project, maximizing transparency. She has opened new doors to meet and craft a future envisioned by young talent.