Glimpses: New York

ArtistVincent Dupont-Blackshaw
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Those seemingly regular moments of everyday city life that you glimpse, on second look reveal a personal dialogue that the subject, who is always alone, has with the city. Brought together, the images emphasise the individuality that can only be witnessed in a city that is bursting full of people.

Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw has been working as a photographer for the past two years. Trained in the arts, he lives between Paris and London. His work takes him across the world, seeking stories of new places to share with his audience. From these travels he brings back unique memories of the moments he captures in new places. “I look for moments that are quietly unique. Often an isolated thing or person in an environment that on first glance is ordinary but on second glance tells a subtle story. Light plays an essential part of how I see that story being told, creating a mood and