Hanazono Residence

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
ArtistJun Murata
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This is a guesthouse located in an area with a lot of small houses. A small court of 1.8 meters square was arranged so as to penetrate horizontally toward the open space and vertically toward the sky. The vertical screen composed of aluminum unequal-angle steel of 4 meters length is laid out with the blade side facing inward and the end side facing outward. Looking directly above the court where the high and low trees are planted, a cut-out sky appears. Guests can enjoy various changes in the sky through the branches and leaves swaying in the wind.

JAM. is the proceeded and shared style design team which is founded by Jun Murata, is programmed in 2012. His various creative design works are based on the knowledge cultivated by the experience of practical architecture, the method of the architectural education, and various experiences of design trips abroad. The main range of the his design activities are the fields of Living Space, interior, Architecture, Landscape and Photograph - and it will probably be expanded to Installation, Graphic, Furniture and Industrial design, etc.