PaMu Nano TWS Earbuds

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyHarda (Xiamen) Plastic Co., Ltd.
ArtistXiaolu Cai / Junyu Ma
Design TeamHarda (Xiamen) Plastic Co., Ltd. / Xiamen Padmate Technology Co.,Ltd.
ClientXiamen Padmate Technology Co.,ltd.
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Most of TWS earphones protrudes from the outer side when wearing, causing uncomfortable especially when leaning on the sofa or lying on the bed, the exposed part of earphones will bring oppression to ears. PaMu Nano developed exclusive “invisible in the ear” design to solve the problem with existing earphones as above through the collection of more than 5,000 users' ear data for testing and adjustment, finally verify that it’s naturally in line with the structure of human ears and firmly fit-in. Extremely lightweight earbuds with only 4 grams each supporting wireless charging-in.