PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyMokki Design
ArtistMónica Pinto De Almeida
Design TeamMónica Pinto
CreditBackground: Ellen Quin; 3D Render: Mónica Pinto & Carla Ferreira

The PIU Lamp design has as its starting point and narrative line, the reflections on the environment that surrounds us. This suspension lamp, is made of solid light-toned wood enhancing volumes, combining industrial production with handcrafted techniques, woodcarving, used for the distinctive and conceptual element of this piece, the Bird. The LED technology used, "Tunable White", recreates nature’s dynamic color, where light adapts to the circadian human’s rhythm, regulated with intelligent technology through a remote-control system or a simple mobile phone.

The artist-designer Mónica Pinto born in Spain, Galicia in 1977 spent her childhood between Spain and Portugal living now in Sintra. Having degrees in several areas of Art, in 2016 began a new journey with her partner/mother, Nazaré, as a life and business project creating a solid brand, combining the human spirit with artisanal heritages, craftsmanship, new technologies and visions following the MOKKI Philosophy. Art is for me the purest form of the humankind expression, where all the questions, doubts and restlessness of the soul and mind become matter. EACH LINE IS THE BEGINNING OF A STORY.