Majimaya confectionery tool shop

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyKAMITOPEN Co., Ltd.
ArtistMasahiro Yoshida
Design TeamYoshie Ishii ,Daiki Sakai
CreditMajimaya confectionery tool shop

There are 3000 different types molds that I must show. There is a problem that it is an arcade area, and the space basement and the second floor is not effective space for shop. I needed to solve the problem in a limited space. So I suggested setting up that evacuation stairs and protective fences with display of 3000 molds in the center of the building. During the planning of the building, all floors were connected by split-level floors, and while choosing molds, customers were guided to move up and down subconsciously. This solved the unique problem of arcade area.

“From thought to reality to connection” Clients have their own ideas to express to the public. The ideas can’t be expressed without being converted into ”words”. They also can’t be passed on without being transformed into “forms”. We are the designers who create the “words” and the “forms”. By putting “thoughts” into “words”, which morph into ”forms”, a diverse range of people will be able to read and understand the ideas of the client. This is the “design” that we aim for. KAMITOPEN Masahiro Yoshida Representative director / First Class Architect