PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyBram Kerkhofs Design Studio
ArtistBram Kerkhofs
Design TeamBram Kerkhofs
CreditMarilyn Desmet
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COIL is a modular cabinet system in which the ‘shell’ is formed completely around a base as a semi-transparent curtain from a vertical and parallel woven elastic rope. It forms the middle between a classic open rack and a display cabinet and can be used on all sides. Coil redefines the cabinet as an object in its use. To put something in or to get it out, the elastics have to be pushed aside. Coil is a good example to clarify my dealings with materials and their properties. To attach the elastic rope, it must be stretched to become thinner to coil it through a specific curved connection area.

The objects of Bram Kerkhofs are distinguished by the ability to transform using buttons, hinges or connections, they are the results of a persistent search for the right balance between material, form and construction. From an urge for perfection in the combination of materials, forms and techniques, an eye for detail and finish and a nose for composition and proportions Bram creates timeless functional objects with a lot of depth. Forces, tension and stability often form the base from which the balance between composition and construction is examined.