Savyavasa_ Public Spaces & Amenities

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyRichardson Sadeki
ArtistHeidar Sadeki, Clarissa Richardson
Design TeamFrancisco Martinez, Luigi Russo
ClientSwire Properties & JSI Group
CreditRenderings by One Tomato
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We were commissioned to design all the apartments, 2 Show Flats & public spaces & amenities in 2 towers of the SAVYAVASA residential development in Jakarta.The public spaces & lobbies are designed to be an extension of the residences.The gym was designed with an eye on workout methods that rely on one’s body weight & movement therefore reducing the number of exercise equipment.The hammam is inspired by traditional Turkish Hammam celebrating bathing as a social ritual.The social room is designed to allow large parties and gatherings out of the residences, opening to a covered outdoor space.