Al-Sultana Resort-Salalah - Oman

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyAstra Alex Group - Vienna - Cerno+Architekten - Munich
ArtistMohamed Salah Soliman , Peter Cerno
Design TeamMartin Cerno, Gianfranco Maio
ClientMinistry of Tourism Oman

Al-Sultana Resort-Salalah-Oman is beach front of desert region of Oman sea.Narrow site by 1800m long guide to linear design consists of Chaletgroups,Hotel,Landscape,Entertain ment,Sevices&artificial Island shaped Oman Dagger extends 450m inside the sea.Symbolized Oman Tradition,offers beach bays&green walking,Arch with sea view,shopping&party hall,cafes,yacht harbor.Underwater restaurant with dome gem shape and life show fish&corals.All Elements are connect by E-car traffic. The Oman arch.traditional language is consciously for whole area,using solar energy & passive housing system.