Birth, Death and Resurrection

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyThor Fine Art
ArtistTorleif Lie

The cycle of life is the one crucial pondering for humans, relative to the infinite lives and transmutations of the gods and goddesses necessary to make sense of the terrible affliction of life and death. The goddess is the perfect emissary to the gods who have all the answers, and as the mother goddess with aptitudes including birth, fertility, the cycle of seasons, sexuality and water. Perhaps, when a pandemic rages on earth, as they have in times past we can find consolation in the enduring goddess who reminds us of the beauty of birth, and the resurrection that follows death.

Creating photographic art is my greatest passion and something I feel compelled to do. My work reflects strong dramatic emotions and the beautiful, but with a fragility and an underlying message. I consider myself an artist who uses photography to express myself. My motivation and what compels me to create is a strong passion for photography as a medium of expression. I have a strong desire to always create better images and work consciously to further develop as a photographer.