CSCEC Eight Innings Shanghai Co.Fifth Branch

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyJiangsu Centuried Magnificent Construction Architectural Decoration
ArtistXin Lv
Design TeamWei Liu, Xin Li, Cong Yan, Hongwei Zhu, Wei Lv
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Architecture is made of the shape of square and circle, the square obeys the rules and the circle is a change of thinking. The square and the circle are opposite and uniformed, the original goal of the design of this project is how to figure a steady and flexible space temperament through a diversified idea that is containable and innovating, and to realize knowing of circle and insisting of square. Space Design, they pictured diversified interesting space and offered new spirit and living energy for space by making “square and circle”as the designing root and using simple expressing mode...