The Luminous Bijou

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyMountain Design Studio
ArtistMing-sheng Chang
ClientMountain design studio
CreditMountain design studio

The project is planned as the residence for the property owner's retirement life; thereupon, we devote particular care to the performance of dignified personality and exclusive taste. We exploit the horizontal and vertical scheme in the design to meet the demand of quadrant and axis treatment. In view to work in concert with the modern exterior appearance of rock and slate, hence makes use of a large number of timbers and stones as the interior configuration materials, hope to bring about the tranquil and comfy circumstance of rustic and stylish texture.

Mountain Design cherishes an inclusive and open mind to deal with the planning phases carefully, hence achieve the perfectness with our companions ultimately. We devote to the streaming and cooperation of the design team, as well as pursue the cross-border up-and-coming themes, and delve into any design possibilities. We cautiously examine the construction schemes and details processing, take the advantages of our design planning experiences to meet the customers' requirements, consequently create the exclusive residential and commercial space.