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ArtistCarine Van Gerven
CreditCarine Van Gerven
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Does TIME – which has been – still exist? Does TIME – which will be – exist if it is not there yet? What is TIME? The moment the question is posed, it has already passed. Carine Van Gerven plays with dual TIME in her work. Attributes, ornaments and clothing used in compositions of her photographs point to famous 17th-century genre paintings. Her creations are remarkably modern. The scenes tell current personal life stories and events. Attributes are chosen with care to frequently and subtly humour the story behind each composition – a story which could happen now, in the past or in the future

Carine Van Gerven, official FEP art photographer from Belgium, takes inspiration from 17th century paintings, like Rembrandt. Carine Van Gerven (b. 1966) studied art and painting. Connecting people through art and creating projects is one of her goals. After her graduation, she became an art teacher in a secondary art school in Overpelt, Belgium. As an artist, she organised several projects and participated in many exhibitions in Belgium and France. Her works were exhibited in Saint-Tropez and Belgrade.