WalkWithMe - media installation

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyStudio Peter Musschenga
ArtistPeter Musschenga
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WalkWithMe is a media and signage installation designed to inform and inspire visitors of the newly opened Forum Groningen. Numerous (interactive) displays show programming, news and information. The organic form of the steel construction is inspired by trees and gives life to the quirky object, bringing up a dialogue with the visitor. A series of light boxes make up the heart of the installation. Internal light changes continuously and interacts with the presence of the visitor. The dichroic box surfaces make the visitors perspective determine a mirroring, luminous or transparent impression

I work as an independent multidisciplinary designer in Groningen, The Netherlands. Graphic design, web design and spatial design are the various fields in which I work. My graphic work consists of developing identities and designing books and promotional material. My spatial work includes installations and sets for theatre and festivals, light objects and (free) installations. For the newly opened spectacular Forum Groningen I recieved the commission to develop a media installation. It is an interactive installation that combines signage functionality with light art.