Video Silent Voice

CompanyAiko Kim
ArtistAiko Kim
ClientHyogo Arts & Culture Association
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A sculpture production video that demonstrates how you can examine and express yourself from scratch without relying on a mold. It is said that art is a never ending learning process that humans must pursue over the span of their lifetimes, but there are individual moments within this process when human beings are genuinely delighted in producing something. This movie demonstrates how I, as an artist and as a human, confront my true self through the process of making things. For me, "making" means "living in the here and now." I believe that the various powers given through art will help

Personal information Date of Birth 11/7/1984 Nationality Korea language Japanese Exhibition: Young Creators Award2020@MI gallery Atomic peace 2020 @South?Korea HT museum 2020 2nd Present Art ZETTAI ??Exhibition @ Harada no Mori Gallery 2020 1st Present Art ZETTAI Absolute Exhibition @ Harada no Mori Gallery 2019 3D Art Exhibition @ Harada no Mori Gallery “Silent voice” @Aizara’s Gallery 2019 Nakanoshima Music Marche public production 2019 Luca Steline and collaboration exhibition @Gallary7 2018 Hyogo Prefectural Sculptor Federation Exhibition